Strong as steel. Reliable as structures.

We are a company in the fields of Metalwork, Window Frames and Structures that was born from a highly professional team and oriented to our field of action. The company was founded in 2014 and provides a range of services, including metal constructions, light metalwork, frame systems, the cutting and bending of metal sheets and bodywork. The products developed have many applications in industry, commerce, leisure, education, highways and housing.

Our differentiation strategy, which is focused essentially on safety and quality, is guided by compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, promoting the continuous growth of our collaborators, but also meeting the expectations of all our clients. We have evolved a diligent and professional dynamic based on a policy of Hygiene, Safety and Health that ensures the prevention, information and training of our entire team.

Security, our main value.

At EPB Steel, we believe that sustained success should be achieved through the protection of our employees. As a result, we are committed to the Safety, Hygiene and Health policy. In this way, we are convinced that most incidents can be prevented through careful work planning, especially in the pre-work phase.

As we are aware that dialogue is the basis of any company, we consider it essential to retain all information in order to integrate routines and practices based on safety, hygiene and health. We are committed to developing an integrated system, identifying possible dangers and managing them through an appropriate risk assessment, thus adopting the necessary measures to minimise them.