A team. Several services.

Repair and Maintenance

We are specialists in repairs and maintenance of frame systems, metal structures and light metalwork.


At EPB Steel we use superior quality material to create the most diverse types of window frames, metalworks and metal systems.


We have an experienced team specialised in the installation of systems with the greatest competence and compliance with the stipulated deadlines.

Cutting and Bending

We perform cutting and bending services according to the thickness of the sheet, the degree of precision, and other requirements specified by our customers. We have several tools and materials that make the production of high-quality products possible, such as the guillotine and the bending machine.

Body Panels and Service Stations

EPB Steel offers a wide range of solutions for industrial, commercial and residential buildings. In addition to the aesthetic effect, these metal coatings benefit from a short turnaround time at competitive prices. We work with various materials, that can be applied in roofs, facades, gutters, general sealants, capping and chimneys.


Ask us for the service you need, and we will present you with several proposals tailored to your needs.